I preach to my kids a lot. I ask them to be kind. Lately I’ve been reminding them that if they are looking at what someone else has it better be to make sure that person has enough and not to see who has more or if it’s fair. Sigh. I apparently need to listen to my own sermons. I also tell them that circumstance is never an excuse. 

Boy howdy we are living out that lesson. We packed up almost all of our belongings on May 11. We’ve done without them just fine for a while now. We had every hope of seeing them again by July 6. The moving company let us know that in fact we won’t be seeing any of our shipments until July 23. The next 2 won’t come until August. 

We did really well at first. I enjoyed having less to clean and a simpler life. That’s easy to do in Hawaii when the kiddos have plenty of free space to roam and friends to roam with.  Then the moving started. First we went to an apartment like place then the Navy Lodge then a hotel in Virginia. Currently we’re residing with Grandma. Thank goodness we finally have space to spread out. 

Even so, we are making our own sunshine, trying not to fuss and fight and remember to be grateful that we have clothes even if my teenagers keep reminding that they’ve been wearing the same 5 outfits for the last two months. 

We are trying really hard to remember that our current circumstance is not an excuse 

  1. To fight.
  2. To pout.
  3. To whine.
  4. To grieve our beloved island.
  5. To overspend on comforts that we think we can’t live without.
  6. To be generally grumpy with everyone.

We’re trying really hard to remember. If you see my little Ohana moping about I’m not sure if I should tell you to duck and cover or join the party. Most likely, it’s join the party because if you can’t laugh you’ll be miserable.