Well, we’ve had our first bit of excitement. Last night Ray got home and mentioned that we needed to get some lawn clippings to the street before it rained. We were just sitting down to dinner when a huge storm swept through. 

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good downpour but I think watching from the dinner table we were suddenly very aware of being surrounded by so many very large old trees. We watched as the wind whipped limbs around like I was throwing sticks into the pond for Barkley. 

The thunder started. Jack’s eyes got big. He said, “Mom! I hear Thor!” We all laughed. Of course he didn’t really hear thunder in Hawaii. The lights were flicker as we watched the water dump.

Before long we heard more noises and Jack kept saying “Thor put the hammer down!” Yes please, Thor. Put the dang hammer down!

We peered out the windows surveying the damage. My poor neighbors…they just got back from vacation. 

It’s hard to see his truck. That might be because it is under a fallen tree. 

We are waking up this morning to the sounds of chainsaws. I’m hoping this isn’t the norm.