Almost eight months ago, Santa delivered tickets to the One Direction concert in Baltimore with a note. We might need something to look forward to since we knew that we wouldn’t have another island Christmas. Sigh. The reaction wasn’t what I expected. The girls were clearly excited. Later I found out Arleigh peeked… It’s my payback for every unwrapped gift as a child I guess.

The night was finally here. The girls have done some serious planning for literally months. We couldn’t get to Baltimore fast enough for them. First they painted Aloha’s windows.


Not just the back window either…

Funny thing is, we can’t do anything the easy way. I accepted our last shipment on Friday. Ray arrived home at about 1 a.m. on Saturday. He was busy setting up our computer and printer so that we could print the tickets. That would be pretty important. We realized there was no ink in the printer. Off to Target I go. Aloha had been painted. So I was the 42-year old lady dolled up for a concert going into Target on tax-free weekend BY HERSELF. The back of the car said, “Honk 4 1D!” Yeah, that happened.

Tickets were printed and off we went on the slow crawl to Baltimore. The girls were singing and screaming so loud I’m really not sure how we heard the honking but we did. 

Posters were made and parking was found. Yes, my child put on tattoos to match the band members. Thank goodness she only chose the main ones or she wouldn’t have been sleeved in her cute summer romper. 


We got to the stadium a few minutes before the doors opened and were pushed up off the street to the sidewalk. Standing on the very edge we noticed blue lights behind us. A police escort was coming. Four SUVs with tinted windows. They were driving right by us. The girls were screaming and crying. I missed the picture of Harry rolling down the window to take a picture. It was one of those memories they will never forget.

A beer for the parents and a sprite for the girls with some snacks and we were more than ready to get the show on the road. 

Icano Pop played first. They were excellent performers but not my style of music. It was for sure not the edited radio version of their songs. I have to say I was a little uncomfortable watching a little girl younger than Bria sing every word of  I Don’t Care.

As the sun went down it was finally time. It was worth all of it for this moment.

So thanks boys. It was a great show. You even got your cookies. Seriously, a little girl down front brought them cookies. Thanks for making my girls so happy. These parents truly appreciate you. 

I have to throw in one last picture for Grandma. Feel free to check out my Facebook or the girls’ Instagrams for more pictures and videos. Here you go Grandma… a little Harry Love…

Thanks to you and Landon for hanging with the littles for our big night out. We love you!