Lots of people think they have the best Mom ever. The truth is, you can’t get better than mine. Forget island withdrawals and post concert depression… we are in full blown Grandmaisgoneitis. 

When our stuff didn’t come Mom was all, “Well, why aren’t you here?” Jet lagged, missing island life and all of our stuff. We I was probably not the most pleasant person in the world. Somehow Mom makes it all better. The kids soaked up being able to be outside. We saw as much of western Kentucky as we could, especially Kentucky lake and she helped us reconnect with family. After two plus weeks of us when all she probably wanted to do was nap, she got in a car for a long road trip with four kids to arrive at an unpacked house. Before she could turn around she was drowning in paper. 

Years ago, I started called her little den/study the pouting room because that’s where she went to be by herself. She’s repaid me in spades by dubbing our basement the servant’s quarters. Over the course of two weeks she worked as my decorator, maid, chef, lawn maintenance, unpacker, mover and babysitter. I so hope she’ll still come back to visit again.

It wasn’t all work. We had a couple of fun moments. She saw D.C.


We made it to a couple of museums with many, many more on our list.

There was one trampoline incident activity.

The cardboard fumes must have gotten to her. 

All in all we were with Grandma for over a month. She saw all six of us at our best and even at our worst. Dirty hair, stinky breath, jet lag and GRUMPY. Bless her. She just keeps coming back for more. Just when I would think I couldn’t stand to open one more box, she would have it empty and everything put away before I could turn around. We washed dishes and sheets. It’s not her stuff and not once did I hear her whine. Maybe she did and I just couldn’t hear it over the whiny kids. 

Anyway, more about our vacation back home later. I wanted to reserve today to brag on my Mom and thank for her for all that she does for us all the time. She is ALWAYS there when I need her. Love you Mom! Thank you for always being there.