We are on day 3. Can I get off this band roller coaster yet? She likes it. She hates it. She’s quitting. She’s suffering through. She’s proud. It’s the WORST THING EVER. We are supportive parents. We are the WORST PARENTS EVER. I go from knowing my stuff to the dumbest mom on the planet in less than 2.5 seconds. Sigh.

Arleigh is at band camp today. Heaven help me. I got her there. On Friday, boys in her section were literally in the fetal position crying on the pavement. Arleigh was praised for being the toughest in her section. She’s the only girl. All Arleigh will say is that she’s worried it’s not her “thing.” An upperclassman’s encouragement got her there this morning. Heaven knows it wasn’t her mother. 

This is for you Arleigh Grace…


And then there’s this…


Thought you’d like this one too. 

Okay. I’ll stop now. This is one roller coaster that I’m ready to get off of. We have three more weeks. I promise this blog won’t be all things band. Right now, it just feels like our whole little ohana revolves around it. 

If you’re a band parent, please tell me it gets better. PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE!