In the midst of the chaos that was unpacking and no stuff and late arrivals and and and… I messed up. I missed Hanan’s registration appointment. I’m awesome like that. We finally had our big day TODAY. 

This is how it goes. Sit in an uncomfortable office with three kids. The fourth and normal babysitter happens to be at band camp. Wait for your name to be called. Produce 1,000 documents proving you are who you are, your child’s health and promising to be best little school spirited ohana ever. I’m not sure but at some point I think I signed a paper donating my arm and leg plus they asked me to open a vein in a weird looking …never mind. 

After they checked and double checked my paperwork we were asked to wait while every other transferring family two other families did the same. Then we were whisked into a classroom.

I watched a power point presentation on how great the school is. It’s pretty darn great! All Bria heard was that Band and Orchestra go to a competition at Hershey park. She’s once again plotting her place as a percussionist. 

When the presentation was finished we had to wait for our turn with the counselor with all the other families IN ONE ROOM. Our turn it basically meant that we needed to prove Hanan could hang in a honors class that Hawaii’s teachers are actually okay and surely a leading role in a play meant that she could join Intermediate Theater. All this was happening under the watchful eye of every other family. The same thing was happening with their kids. You could read the parents’ faces thinking there has to be a better way. It was awkward at best. 

Once my sweet quiet scared to death child was put through the ringer, they offered to place her in her requested honors courses but not in her requested electives. We’ll have to wait until orientation day to pick up her new schedule. 

On the bright side they gave Hanan a new shirt. She is thrilled to be on a huge campus. She loved that like in Hawaii when it’s warm she could hangout on the quad. All in all it was a good day and I am SO HAPPY to have registration behind us. 

Here’s a picture of the newest Headless Horseman. 

  That’s right. I said Headless Horseman. That’s the mascot of our new school. Boy howdy! This should be an interesting year.