Tonight we are having friends over for dinner. I still have boxes that need to be unpacked but at the moment I’m a bit overwhelmed trying to decide where to put things. There’s band camp. Kids are STILL home for the summer. Yes I love it but they are getting on each other’s nerves and that gets on my nerves. It’s raining which means I can’t make them stay outside. Sigh…Hey, it’s Thursday AKA Throwback Thursday so I decided to pull out an old menu that was a go to from when Arleigh and Hanan were little. I’ll make roaster vegetables (potatoes, onions and peppers0 with Italian sausage, Caesar salad, caprese salad and grilled bread with GLOP. Glop is the recipe I’m going to share with you today.
So we’re gonna start here. It’s a small block of Asiago cheese chunked up with a small block of Parmigiano-Reggiano. Yes, I had to copy and paste that to make sure I spelled it correctly.
  Basically you can do this with parmesan or any other harder salty cheese. I got this recipe and adapted it slightly from Michael Chiarello when we lived in Iceland. I was on a Soprano kick and somehow Michael’s show was on AFRTS. His Italian cooking and watching the Sopranos as often as we could get our hands on a copy… well, let’s just say I taught myself to make lots of Italian dishes. Anyway, glop is packed with flavor and it can be used on lots of different things if you have any left over. In this house that can be a big IF. Michael’s recipe with a more elegant name can be found here. Around these parts we call it glop. 

Anyway, cheese is chunked up in my food processor. I grab 3 cloves (big ones) of garlic and peel them. 


Then I throw in a little crushed red pepper flakes. I say a little because tonight I’ll be feeding 6 kiddos. If it’s an adult party, I throw in ALOT. It’s all too taste.

IMG_9496.JPGAfter that, I put the lid on my food processor but the top is still open so I can pour in some really good olive oil.


Thanks Mom! She picked this up on one of our Trader Joe’s outings. I turn on the food processor. The cheese is hard so make sure you have one hand on it or your food processor might decide to go for a walk. Mine regularly contemplates suicide via leaping off the counter. Pour the oil in while it spins. When it looks like this…


STOP! It has the consistency of wet Waikiki sand. It’s sort of grainy, sort of pebbly. You get the idea. 

At this point I chunk up some green onion.


Tops and all y’all! They all get thrown into the processor for one more spin. (Not the ugly roots. Those get thrown in the trash.) Let it spin again with a little more oil. 


This is what you have… Good old glop. I pour a little more oil over the top. I’ll cover it and let it sit. 

How do you serve glop? Well, I thought you’d never ask. We grill our french bread and use glop as a spread. We’ve used it as a topping on baked potatoes and hot dogs and burgers. I’ve also been known to boil just enough pasta for me and throw the leftovers on top of it for my lunch. It’s very, very garlicky. Is that a word? Spell check seems to think so. Anyway, the garlic begs you to use at your own discretion. Your family will too. 

This menu is super easy. The kids like to help with the chopping and mixing. Guests typically love it… at least that’s what they say. I’ll try to post Mom’s caprese another day. It makes a regular appearance around here and is a favorite with everyone I’ve made it for.

What are you having for supper tonight?

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