Ugh! I replaced my beloved Mom-mobile with Aloha when we left Hawaii. To say that was upset about selling that van is an understatement. I felt like I was giving priceless memories to a swarmy used car salesman. That’s basically what happened.

Low and behold a bright and shiny new SUV can into my life. Aloha was love at first sight. Then I nearly collided with oncoming traffic when I couldn’t see over dog crates and neglected to yield. I’ve been super careful. Extra steps have literally been taken when I park her. I was her more, won’t let the kids eat in her, you get the drift. 

Sigh. It was bound to happen. I was quickly taking the three youngest over to a neighbor’s so Bria and Hanan could swim. Jack was yelling “WHY!?!” Per the usual from the back. In spite of an afternoon out, Bria and Hanan were bickering. I was pulling out quickly from my not usual spot thinking, “I better watch that side…” when it happened. My bumper kissed a tree. Who am I kidding, I’m not sure if it was the bumper or the tree but one of them took it on the chin.

Bria is melting down in the back seat. She was probably suddenly aware that the noise was stressing me out. Jack was laughing nervously. Hanan was trying to remain calm. I was somewhere between cussing a blue streak and melting down in tears. 

My bumper is scratched but there are no dents and it could’ve been much worse. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway. 

I think the older I get the worse I am with transitions. All I could think about this morning is how nice it would be to have the sting of the hot sun on my shoulders and the cool water rushing over me. Forget the golden streets. I’m pretty sure heaven has white sand and turquoise water. 

Ray keeps telling me that I should be grateful for the three years we had instead of pining for more. I’m am forever grateful. I also know what I’m missing right now. I never backed out of my driveway into a palm tree. 

Oh well. This too shall pass. Right Mom? Maybe one day I’ll go back.