Last week, I wrote this

Since then, we got busy. Band practice is daily. Two of the three schools have orientations AND open houses to receive schedules. There was a little schedule drama and we had to switch from a thin freshman locker to a wider band locker. There were extra shots and so much paperwork I feel it’s my duty to insist that a few trees be planted. There are school supplies! Oh my word, my laundry room is buried in school supplies waiting to be delivered. We’ve also been enjoying Nana and Papa’s company this week. We’ve made it out to one museum but our crazy schedule has pretty much meant hanging out at the house with whichever Stiff happens to be home at the time. Lucky for us, they are pretty easy guests. All this to say…we are the week before school busy. It will only get busier next week when school starts and we add soccer and cross country and art club to our crazy schedules. 

With all that crazy, I didn’t do a great job promoting my plan to sponsor kids. I often get so wrapped up in an idea I jump in with both feet and never think what it will be like once I’m in the water. So, from my stat counter I know that the Victorious post reached more people than my usual post. I’m just going to have to be okay with that. There were no comments and I was so looking forward to passing that book on to someone else. I’m going to remind myself that it’s like the Starfish Story.

And today, I’m okay with that.