First, thank you Thank you THANK YOU for all the kind words, support and prayers we received on Jack’s behalf. As a brief update to the update, we have a new IEP appointment scheduled. I’m trying to schedule doctor visits. School consultations and a brief visit with the PCM indicate that Jack may have institutional autism and that can cause his development delay. I see symptoms of that daily so I tend to agree and I’m pretty sure Ray would say the same thing. If I could be so bold to ask for specific prayer it would be that I don’t melt down during his IEP meeting, that Jack gets in to see the developmental pediatrician ASAP and that we find the therapies he needs to help him become independent. As frustrated as I was at the transition into this school, I think we are in a good place to help him grow. Thank you again for loving on my kiddos. Now on to the funnier side of our crazy Stiff life.

Bria doesn’t give me the one-liners that she did as a four-year old. She can still keep us in stitches or questioning our parenting skills. Her friends do to. Last week we had friends over. On the way over the little boy in the family said, “I sure hope I can play Infinity at their house.” His mom said she was sure he could play with Jack. Little A said, “No, Mom. It will be up to Bria. She makes all the decisions in the house.” Funny. I’m sure Bria thinks she does. #shewantstoruletheworld

Bria is back on the soccer field where she loves to be. Her new team name is the Cheetahs. It’s been an adjustment for both of us. New rules. New kids. New attitudes. Bria, bless her, to be as stubborn an ornery as she is for me, she listens to her coach. She moved from a team of 7 to a team of 14. Kids are all different. After her first practice I guess she thought the other kids decided she was passive because she listens. They decided they would have animal nicknames that matched the first letter of their name. Coach James is a jaguar. She asked what I thought she should be. I started listing off animals that start with a B. Beaver, Badger, Bear, Bee, etc. She said, “Mom, I’m Bria the bear. They need to know I’m aggressive.” Okay then. #lookouthereshecomes

Bria came home Thursday and said she is running for Student Council. As I filled out the paperwork I reminded her that the kids vote and she is new. “Mom, new people bring new ideas. Not that many people are running. I want to do this.” Heaven help me if she doesn’t win. #firststeptorulingtheworld

Apparently in second grade you also talk about presidential races, it’s that or her Dad’s obsession with the news. Bria recently told us that it’s time for a girl president. We asked her why she thought that. “Well, we’ve only voted for boys. Girls can do anything boys can do and people need to know that.” Okay then. We asked which girl she wants to win. She said she’s still deciding. #stiffforpresidentiscatchy