(Photo Credit Misti Drew from her tribute to The Life Of Tye Jackson)

If you are new here, our family has dropped anchor in many different places over the years but we still call Kentucky home. Over the past 72+ hours I’ve watched the news with a heavy heart. Trooper Cameron Ponder was stationed at Post 1 in my hometown, Mayfield, Kentucky. He was working a stretch of highway that I’ve driven. Before he was a trooper, he was in the navy, stationed at my beloved Hawaii. While I didn’t know Trooper Ponder personally, since this tragedy I found out a few close friends did. 

From the moment I heard a trooper was shot on I-24 my thoughts went to my brother. How many times had he worked that area? Did the trooper know Tye? Was one of Tye’s friends killed? I have friends and family and friends that I consider family in that area that are first responders. They are state troopers, police officers, EMTs and firemen. The act was more than tragic. 

I’ve listen to most but not all of the audio from the police scanner from Trooper Ponder on Sept. 13. My heart stopped when I heard, “multiple juveniles in the car.” I know Trooper Ponder was trying to arrange for a hotel for the family for the night after stopping a high speeding vehicle driven by someone with a suspended license. I listened as the brother of another KSP Trooper said that Trooper Ponder volunteered to take the position at Post 1 so another Trooper could take a post closer to his family. This was a good man who had only begun his life gunned down tragically. He wasn’t in a bad neighborhood. He wasn’t fighting anyone off. He was trying to help a family. 

I’m bothered that some people have the perception that my brother would gun you down because of the color of your skin just because of a uniform that he wore and a power trip. You clearly didn’t know my brother or who the friends he had. I’m bothered that my kids go to school and have a perception that people assume they are racists because of the color of their skin. I’m bothered by the fact that we can’t all agree to just obey the law or suffer the consequences. Let’s today choose to teach our children the value of respecting authority and value of peace. I hate driving down the road and hearing someone act like the police officer is out to get you. That’s only if you are breaking the law. For the record, I have family members that do that. I want my kids to know they can go to a first responder for help, not to fear them. 

There is so much to say on this matter. I would love to hear your opinion, if you can place nicely…