It’s pajama day for this kid… 

 Who knew that it would be so hard to choose pajamas? Everyone needed to know she was in pajamas because it was a reward for her class. No one could know she was in pajamas because the older kids would tease her, especially on the bus. Second grade isn’t supposed to be this hard!

There is a giant bean weed growing in my window. 


We have officially started the third week of school. That’s week two of the science project. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long year.

I have a child on electronics restriction, including phone. Why does it feel like I’m punishing myself when I show my kids there are consequences for their actions? 

Tomorrow night I’ll need to pick Ray up from the metro somewhere between soccer, marching band, cross country, dinner and homework. Wednesdays are pretty much the devil around here…or more like it I’m the devil trying to keep up with our crazy schedule.

This dog…

has been in heat. Heaven help me. Someone get her to the vet. Did I mention this lovely house has white carpet? Ugh!

Thankfully today is our off day for math homework. (Thank you block schedule!!!) We have no activities planned outside of a brief drama meeting. The only thing on my schedule is my kids and that makes me one happy Mama! 

In other news I’ve submitted my package to Fairfax County to be a substitute teacher. Yikes! I may have lost my mind but it’s also a great way for me to earn some extra cash for all these kids around here. 

I think that briefly catches you up on the crazy happening around here. We are one hot mess but we seem to function better like that.