Yesterday I picked a child up from school. She was sobbing, “I miss Hawaii. I fit in there. It was all just easier.” Amen, sister. (I didn’t really say that.) I told her about all the great friends she’s already made and all the great activities and opportunities we have here.

Facebook was left open on Big Mac and Bria saw a picture of her sweet friend standing by the water. Her response was sucking in her breath and saying, “Oh Katey… Mama, I didn’t know I missed the beach so much and Katey.” I miss seeing this…

My miniature surfer is turning into an east coast girl quick. She still throws a shaka in every picture though. 

The reality is, my kids didn’t love Hawaii’s schools for the first month or so. If you asked Arleigh, she would say she didn’t love it the first year. The reality was it took her sixth months to find her groove. Even if you couldn’t find your groove during the week, we had the weekend and this…

(Photo credit Clark Little Photography)

The difference is we’ve entered the rat race. This weekend is crazy too and there is no aloha beach to escape to. 

Maybe I’m in a mood because I have an appointment at the doctor today because I’m turning into a crazy old lady with mood swings and a few other problems that I won’t embarrass my children by mentioning here. 

I need a job to start saving for our Hawaiian vacations. We all need to find ourselves a little aloha soon.