As I mentioned yesterday, I got to have a nice long conversation with a family thick in the middle of their adoption process. I learned that they access the blog. Yikes. I learned we are on a list of blogs to read about how to care for a child after adoption. Double yikes! I haven’t been updating this thing. It’s one of the things I have to make time for every day. It’s cathartic. It’s my therapy. It also falls by the wayside far too often. 

Because I tell the girls all the time that circumstance is not an excuse, I’m totally going to ignore that and just take a moment and write down all the lame excuses I have for not taking time to write.

  • Virginia is beautiful but it seems a little anticlimactic after you’ve jumped off cliffs in Hawaii.
  • All three girls participated in the same thing for a few wonderful, lovely, I can’t believe I thought it was crazy years. We’ve moved from piano and soccer to saxophone and marching band, soccer and cross country. In addition there is so much homework here and required service projects. Jack’s added out of school speech therapy two days a week. I need a secretary to keep up with our schedule.
  • I’ve mentioned before, Jack has had a hard time with this transition. He seems to be settling down but we are going through a multitude of evaluations to determine treatment plans and IEPs. 
  • I have kids in three schools. Hanan leaves first and the timed exits happen over the course of two hours and fifteen minutes. That means I have one home in the very early afternoon and the others trickle in from then until almost dinner time. The time I have during the day to get things done has been condensed exponentially. Add in all the volunteer opportunities. I feel like I’ve added an extra job. 
  • Grandma is here. She keeps me giggling all day long. Bless her heart, we keep trying to find time for adventures and more importantly shopping but, as I mentioned…Things are, well, the nicest thing I can say is hectic. Since she’s been here we’ve had doctor appointments for three, speech and occupational therapy evaluations, field day, football games, band competitions, library volunteer hours, mock election day at the middle school, cross country meets, a chorus concert…I’m sure I’m forgetting something. She has had a taste of our crazy and just rolls with the punches. This is my only reasonable excuse for not blogging. I don’t get to hang out with Mom as often as I like so I’m doing my best to soak her up. Bless her heart she’s probably had her fill since she rode 3 hours with me to Norfolk and three hours back for a band competition last week.
  • Sometimes I think the only thing I want to do is whine about not being in Hawaii. It’s compounded when Bria says things like, “Mom, it’s really cold here and I miss surfing.” I do like a good whine… but the truth is I’m trying really, really hard to appreciate where I’m at. Whining never helps me find my aloha and I’m pretty desperate not to lose it.

Yesterday I wrote a little post. I noticed I felt better after I got it off my chest. You can expect more posts. There’s a lot to catch up on. First, I’m off to another evaluation for Mr. Jack.