There is so much for me to say about what is happening with our family right now. The list is long. None of it compares to what is happening to dear friends. 

My dad worked for Randal Wilson as a property appraiser. I happen to know that Randal was more than a boss for him. He was a friend, a confidant, and so much more. In some of my Dad’s darker moments, Randal was there for him. 

Last night mom called to tell me that Randal is missing. You can read the story here

This is Randal and his wife, Lana.

His last known whereabouts were on 464 close to Mom’s. I’m quite certain most people in my hometown already know about this because the search has been ongoing for more than 24 hours. I can’t really think or write about anything else right now. 

My prayers are with the Wilson family. If you have a second, please pray for the family for their peace, for Randal’s safety and that he is found soon.