This morning we went to speech, then the bus stop then I left to head to the exchange for a winter coat because…OH MY WORD…these 7-8:30 soccer practices are cold. I almost never stop at Starbucks. The rushed morning and staying up for Talking Dead last night and…well, a sign for a salted caramel latte seemed to be calling my name. There was a huge line. Oh well, the commissary can wait. I opened Facebook on my phone for the first time this morning. What the what? All I saw was red cup this and red cup that. I’m all, where’s the party? You know, because “Red Solo Cup…I lift you up.” I had to google it.

So I googled it. I told you it was a long line. There is some sort of controversy with the Starbucks red Christmas cup. I looked up. Oh, all the cups are red today. Then mine came. It was a beautifully simple design. Yes, I worked with multiple graphic artists. I appreciated it. I love red. The ombre effect was clever. Red screams of Christmas. The Starbucks logo is in the middle. What’s the problem? Oh. I get it. It doesn’t write out Merry Freaking Christmas on the cup. 

So I looked into what Starbucks wanted to say with their design. Starbucks said they wanted it be simple. They wanted it to relate to everyone’s story. The designer’s were inspired by the fact that lots of people doodle on their white cups. Ok. I get it. They’re being politically correct. Honestly, call me lame but this bright red cup makes me thing of Christmas far more than snowflakes do. 

I didn’t remember seeing a cross on any Starbucks cups in the past so I googled that too. 

Here’s last year’s cup.

Yeah. That looks like those trees on the north shore in Hawaii to me. 

The 2013 cup had ornaments.

So I dug a little deeper. These cups have been around since about 1997. A new one is unveiled each year. The theme usually focuses on snowmen, ornaments and reindeer. 

Let me digress. As I was standing in the line googling what the problem was, I looked around. There were moms with toddlers, businessmen ready to get on with their day, a couple of service members. The diversity in that line, in a Starbucks on base was huge. Now, if I wanted to, how many people could I reach out to while I waited in that line. I put my phone back in my bag and started talking to the gentleman behind me. I told a mom how sweet her daughter was. I tried to look around and notice if anyone needed anything. Everyone looked pretty happy to me. 

As I walked my car I thought what if we would just go to Starbucks and be nice. Wouldn’t that go further than complaining about the war on Christmas? Here’s something else to think about.

Stop yelling about what companies are doing and start doing! If Christians were acting like Jesus we would be filling each other’s cups instead of complaining about the color of a commercial one.