This girl…

recently turned 8. I’m only almost a month late posting about it. 

A month ago, Bria was really missing Hawaii. She decided to have a luau for her birthday. You’d never know we were new here since there were 20 kids running through our house that night. Thank goodness we had a beautiful Indian Summer day to celebrate. 

We asked our guests to come dressed as tacky tourists. They obliged.

We did a little limbo.

We taught our new friends about hula.

We ate.

And then there was cake.

Ice cream was, of course, included.

It was a good day and a great low key party with all of our new friends. 

This kid… we didn’t know much she would change our lives or our family dynamic 8 years ago when she came along, my happy little rider while I took her sisters to soccer. She changed everything and we still have a hard time remembering what life was like before her. It’s amazing how that works. 

In honor of her 8th…here are 8 things about Bria.

  1. She is has leadership skills.
  2. She is brave but she seems to innately understand when to practice caution…most of the time. 
  3. She found her place here faster than any of the rest of us. She quickly made friends, found her place on a soccer team and basically thinks she’s running her new school. (Wait until she see what she’s doing this week.) 
  4. Even though she knows home is where her family is and makes the best of it, she has her mother’s heart and misses her island life. In the past week she’s told me it’s cold here and she misses surfing. She won’t let me play music in her at night anymore because sometimes Lava comes on and it makes her cry. She clearly has her mother’s heart. 
  5. The past few months it has been amazing to watch Bria develop her soccer skills. She is at that emerging stage where she seems to learn something new almost daily. When her heart is in it (which isn’t all the time) she is crazy good. She made the all star team which has been a new experience for all of us. 
  6. Bria is compassionate. She worries about everyone else and makes sure they are okay. I love that about her. 
  7. She still loves to snuggle and even at 8 has a bad habit of waking her parents up in the middle of the night because her mind is racing and she just doesn’t want to be alone. 
  8. Bria is Jack’s super hero. She is the one person who is with him almost everywhere he goes. She steps in and gets through to him in both good and bad ways when no one else can. She’s the perfect little sister for Arleigh and Hanan, looking up to them and pushing them to do more. She’s the perfect big sister for Jack, encouraging him to come along with her. 

If you can’t tell, we all love our little b to pieces even when she drives us to the brink of madness. Happy Birthday little b. You are so loved!