I have something I need to say. It’s probably better written in a journal, but it’s my blog. I can say what I want to… I LOVE MY MOM. She continues be a kind, loving example for me even when I don’t give her enough credit.

In other news, y’all can pray for Ray. He lives with a crazy woman. He worked hard to come up with a Christmas schedule, pleasing everyone especially his bat poop crazy wife who thinks she’s the one trying to please everyone and not doing it with a happy heart. Did you get all that? When you live away from home, Christmas is CrAzY! I love seeing my extended family. Sometimes I just want to crawl in a hole and enjoy my own kids. You know?

My reaction to his plan was ugly. (Sorry Ray.) I reacted by throwing in the towel and going to bed before I allowed myself to wallow and get any uglier. I do need props for praying about it though. 

I made myself sick thinking I didn’t want to tell my Mom his plan. I assumed she would react badly. She hasn’t really celebrated Christmas in a couple of years for good reason. This is her comeback year. I was imagining her aspirations for perfection in my head. I thought I was about to ruin her plans. 

Bless my mama’s heart. I honestly don’t know how she and Ray put up with me. She was gracious and kind. She reminded me of the attitude we are supposed to have for Christmas. She was super thankful for what she was getting. Sigh. When I grow up I hope I can be my mother. I know if you knew me when I was 15 you are shocked to hear those words. 

These two people keep me grounded and that’s a hard thing to do… 

Aren’t they just the best?

Anyway… thanks Mom. I love you. Now it’s time to shake off my grinch and get ready for Christmas. As mom and donkey always say, “Christmas ain’t Christmas ’til somebody cries AND IT’S USUALLY ME!” I hope I’ve gotten my cry out of my system. 

P.S. Ray, I’m lucky to have you putting up with me and my crazy.