So, I got a text this morning… I actually replied a couple of seconds ago. It was sweet. It reminded me that my family keeps up with us from so far away through this.  It also reminded me that I haven’t posted a darn thing since THANKSGIVING! What?

A few things have happened…

  • Facebook ate my blog. Sometimes I put my pictures on there, have posts in my head and never sit down to write them.
  • I’m horrible with emails. I have guilt if I post and haven’t cleaned up my emails. I guess I know what I’ll spend the rest of the day doing.
  • I have thousands of pictures. Ray has been organizing them and moving them. I haven’t been able to access photos on Big Mac but I think we’re up and running again.
  • The biggest excuse… If you don’t have anything nice to say…

Gran used to tell me, “Pretty girls say nice things.” That meant lots to her. (I’m just full of lists today.)

  1. No cursing. (I’m already in trouble.)
  2. No whining. Your attitude can make you beautiful or downright ugly.
  3. No gossip.

Three strikes. I’m out. I’m down. It’s horrible. I’m a puddle on the floor… you get the idea. Now I have to remind my girls of those three things before they follow this mama’s lead. Oops. Thankfully Jack is still struggling to communicate most days so he has no idea how to do any of that except for the occasional whine when he’s mimicking his sisters. (I didn’t want you to think I forgot I have a boy.)

Any who…. my attitude has been pretty craptastic. Raising teens is fun and HARD. Raising four kids when your husband is working 14-16 hour days if he’s home…HARDER. Let’s not forget, I can’t run to Bellows and find my beloved aloha when I’m landlocked and the wind chill is in the single digits. This is reason alone why I need to win the dang lottery tonight! If I do, you should know I’m not sharing. I’m buying my own island and you can find me blogging from there. 

And my last reason, when Tye died I took a box of mementos of my Dad’s that I let him keep for various reasons. In it I found out my dad had received at least a couple of medals that I’m curious about. Until I was thrown in the deep end that is the life of a military spouse I had no idea about these things. I knew they were a big deal but when I showed them to Ray and saw his expression…Well, Dad was always a hero in our eyes but this. I told Mom that I wanted to do some research.

It’s been almost three years since I put Dad’s box in a box and flew it back to Hawaii. Since then Mom found a giant bag of old letters. It was my greatest Christmas present. (Sorry Nana Bonnie I still love my cow.) In the bag was part of Dad’s military record and letters they had written back and forth. Some are heartbreaking. Some are pretty funny. There is a lot written about my beloved little island that makes me love it even more. So that’s where some of my time has gone. To reading through the letters, sorting them, crying over some of them and laughing at quite a few. I told Mom I was going to try and find a way to write a book using them. That’s sort of taken over the writing portion of my brain for a bit. 

I promise I know I need to remember to document our adventures. We’ve had some great ones. I promise we’re good. Posts will come. I’ll leave you with a picture of one of our many recent adventures. (More on that tomorrow.)

And if you happen to have stories about my dad, I would love to hear them. If you knew someone that served with him in Vietnam, that would be great. I’m off to do more research.