I had delusions of grandeur. I so wanted to write something that would move you, something that would touch you deep at the bottom of our soul, something that would make you leave a comment… just kidding. Sort of. I did want to write to touch you in the same way that I was touched this weekend at the Women of Faith conference in Fairfax. The reality is, I have four kids home from school for the next two days. I have a husband home from work. I have daughters that require a chauffeur and other people who want to eat. The noise… oh my word, the noise… Bria and Jack are currently huddled watching one of the Home Alone movies. Ray is listening to talk radio while he works. Arleigh and Hanan are texting me or calling me. And the dogs…oh the dogs really want to go outside almost as much as the want back in because apparently I’m living in hell frozen over. (Not really but move from paradise to 10 degrees and see if you like it.) Writing under these conditions even when you’ve prayed for intervention from the Holy Spirit. Well, I think I heard God saying, “For the love woman, NOT RIGHT NOW!” Maybe not exactly those words but you get the idea. 

Still, I filled Facebook and Instagram and maybe Twitter but I’m not sure the link was working with two beautiful faces and hints to big news. I’m sure considering I heard several, “Oh my word! You’re adopting again?” comments that I need to set the record straight. Because I choose to stay married…no. We aren’t adopting again. We are excited to be sponsoring a little girl from Uganda that has a great story. AND Grandma is also sponsoring the cutest little doll from El Salvador. 

Meet Winne and Delmy. 

So here’s the story. We already sponsor kids. Currently, we’re at two sponsored kids all with different stories. For today, I’ll leave you with Winnie’s and Delmy’s brief story.

I signed up to go to the WOF conference with our new church. I knew that I might not know a soul going. It was a little out of my comfort zone. I’ve been to the conference before. It was pouring. Friday night traffic and a long drive, I knew not everyone would be there. I sat down and noticed an orange bag on my chair. Not everyone had a bag. In fact there probably wasn’t even a bag in every row but there it was attached to my chair. 

In the middle of the ceremony we heard about child sponsorship but it’s nothing really new for me. I got a text from Ray asking how things were. Great. I told him about the bag and how it was weighing on me but don’t worry. I wouldn’t sponsor her. His text back said, “Why not?” Then I’m weighing it. We sponsor two different kids from two different organizations. The bag is on my seat. We have four kids…four expensive kids and Northern Virginia seems to be sucking money out of my pocket. It was my seat. I open the bag. Her name is Winnie. She’s the same age as Hanan. She has parents and Ray and I have discussed how to help people parent in third world countries. We’ve wondered how to change the cycle. Then I see it, she lives in Uganda. Uganda was where we started the adoption process with Jack, inquiring from a baby home there. I kept coming back to it was MY seat. So, I filled out the papers. 

I called Mom. I told her about World Vision. I told her that only 5% of their expenses are for management. I told her what I’d learned. I told her about how helping one child get food and an education has the potential to help an entire family. I told her that it has the potential to change a village. She said, “Where do I sign up?” So, the next day I had her information and I walked up to a booth and saw a girl who is almost four, one of Grandma’s favorite ages with huge brown eyes. I knew she was perfect. I filled out Mom’s paperwork too. (Frankly if you send the money I’ll fill out yours too.)

Here is one of World Vision’s videos. I wish I could share of of the videos I saw during the conference.  

If you would like to sponsor a child and start just a little bit of change in the world, you can go here. Please, please tell me if you do. I’d like to share something with you. All you have to do is leave a comment. 

When I get my thoughts together and the noise level in this house to go down, I’ll tell you all about what I learned at WOF. Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I hope you choose to spread love today

… maybe by sponsoring a child.