I’ve just hung up the phone with my mother who is currently sunning herself on a beach because she got “snowed in” during vacation. Nice of her to keep reminding me. I was just telling her that yes, it is beautiful outside but when I look out the window all I want to do is cry because another 8-10 inches has fallen since our 3-hour snow removal session that’s left my arms feeling like jello. The snow has not stopped and I know what’s in store for me tomorrow morning. The cross I’ll be carrying looks remarkably like a snow shovel. I plan on singing hymns while I’m shoveling because there is no way we will get to the church.

It’s about this time in my pity party that I start the dishes only to hear my beloved husband calling me into the next room.

“Look! Remember that beach you just loved on Kauai? There it is…” He turned on Blue Hawaii. There was Elvis singing to the locals on a gorgeous, warm all year long beach. I may have cursed a little…okay a lot.

Here was our house mid removal.

I used to tell Ray that his first 20 years in the navy were his and at 20 I get to decide. Well, I’ve loved our navy life and all of the places that we’ve been able to reside. I told him today my request for the next 20 is this…when we retire I want to live somewhere that will not require me to rake leaves or shovel snow. I also am smart enough to tell him I also don’t want to pay someone to do it for me. My children may never want to visit us in our little shack but it will be a little shack on a warm beach. 

Yes, the kids have had fun in the snow. I love to see them sled. I’ll also tell you they hung out in a warm ocean far longer than they hang out in the snow.

Welcome to snowmageddon snowzilla snowbama or whatever you want to call this blizzard. I just hope the door doesn’t hit it on its way out because I’m about ready to send it on its way.