When Arleigh and Hanan were little we called their playroom the Princess Room. Arleigh wanted to be Ariel. Hanan wanted to be Belle. Five years later, we added a new little princess to the mix. She was so busy trying to keep up with the bigs, we said more than once that she is no princess. She was full on dictator. Her rule would not be inherited, but taken by force. It hasn’t stopped. 

After a rather traumatic haircut experience as a child, (Dorothy Hamil… need I say more?) I’ve let the girls choose their own haircuts. We all fawned all over Bria’s curls. All the girls have had different hair, Arleigh’s is thick and straight. Hanan’s is thinner with natural waves that leave her with perfect beach hair all the time. Both big girls have always grown it out and craved new hairstyles. Bria was the polar opposite. She was born with ringlets. 


Those little curls grew out. 


They grew and grew and grew. Bria didn’t want anyone touching her hair. She had dreams of being Rapunzel. Other than the occasional trim from Aunt Angie, it remained untouched. She had no idea we weren’t calling her Rapunzel, it was more like Samson.

IMG_5832 IMG_4056 IMG_5519 IMG_2328



Oh my goodness, if I keep looking at pictures I’m going to start trying to convince Ray we need one more. I love love love every stage but that 2-4 age range I could eat up. 

The long pony tail became Bria’s signature hairstyle. It was her go to to keep it long but out of her face. You may recognize it…


Since we’ve been in Virginia, the ends were white, the top was dark and it was horrifically damaged from our time in the salt water. Just before Christmas Bria started asking if she could donate it. She was ready but this mama wasn’t. 

The last few weeks, brushing it out was getting harder on both of us. Yesterday on day 9 home from school we decided we would head out and see what we can do. We researched lots of places. I didn’t love what I read about Locks of Love but in the end, the salon we went to would take care of all of it if we used them. Let’s face it. I have a pile of boxes on my counter. If I had to send her hair somewhere it would never make it so we let the salon send it to Locks of Love.


You can see, it was time…down to her waist and slightly damaged.


Yikes. It’s happening. Be still my heart.


I think it’s safe to say we were both a little shocked. In the end, it was 11.5 inches of hair. 


That was 11.5 inches of hair cut of Samson’s Rapunzel’s Bria’s head. I will admit my heart stopped a little.


As the stylist finished, this was our outcome. How many people can have almost a foot of hair cut off and still have this much?

We celebrated with a pretzels and a trip to Target to finish off some Christmas gift cards. Her eyes are closed, but I have to admit it’s pretty cute.