I’ve been driving to cheer, band, soccer, theater, speech, early release pickup and oh yes, this is the first week since January 12 that my children have been in school for an entire week. There were moments when I seriously didn’t think that would happen. I love them, but trapped inside a house for a week with them not being able to play outside… did I mention I LOVE summer?  Anyway, at some point yesterday I decided that I would try to blog from my phone while I was sitting in a parking lot. I never finished it. As I opened it this morning with my fat thumbs and blurry vision I managed to post it before I was finished writing much less proofread it. Sigh… Point is, if you get my posts via email, you didn’t get the real post. So go here pretty please and start over or just hit that button to read more. Either way. Thanks a bunch. 

Happy aloha Friday. I’m off to find mine.