We do Valentine’s Day like no one else. Ray and I stole away the weekend before for dinner by ourselves. We don’t like crowds. I got flowers and this sweet necklace.

The picture I took of this picture isn’t very clear but it’s gorgeous inside the locket. The picture was taken by Caroline Wilhite. If you are in Hawaii, I don’t know how much longer Caroline will live there. Call her now. You can thank me later. My house will soon look like Hawaii if I plaster her pictures all over my wall. The necklace is from my sister-in-law, Kelley Kendall. She sells jewelry for Plunder. (Lots of free ad placement today because so many people have asked me.) 

We were off to a great Valentine’s day already. We went to church and Ray treated us to dinner out afterwards. It was so good. We all over ate. So much for church. Luckily our preacher wasn’t speaking on gluttony. Then home where oddly enough, my little people wanted to crawl up with me and watch tv. BEST DAY EVER! They are way too busy anymore to want to do anything with me. 

Bria started saying her tummy ached. Hanan decided to make snacks for everyone since we ate so much and so late. Bria didn’t want anything. It was moments after I cleaned the kitchen that I decided to prepare a puke bowl just in case. I get my biggest bowl, put a trash bag inside and walk over to Bria. 

Absolutely no warning, she saw me coming, jumped off the sofa and quite literally lost her lunch…repeatedly. I need to say thanks to the angel that whispered in my ear that it was time to get that bowl because that had the potential to be so much worse.

I’m not sure why but Ray, Arleigh and Hanan abruptly decided it was time to go to the store. I think they said something about needed Ginger Ale. I’m not sure they ran out so fast. 

My bonus present was snow. AGAIN. We had President’s day off and another day off today. I’m off to see if anyone will cuddle. 

P.S. One of my beloved readers is having a pretty serious surgery today. If you have a second, please say a prayer. She doesn’t like attention but God know exactly who she is. Please and thank you.