So we all know how much I loved Hawaii. It was for more reason than one. I loved loved loved my boot camp class. After school drop off, I’d walk to a basketball court in my neighborhood and for the next hour laugh, workout, complain and laugh some more with a bunch of fun ladies. Mostly perfect weather, lots of friends (sometimes more than 30) and great instructors had me going back every week. 

To say I’ve been a slacker is putting it mildly. Apparently since I’m ahem over 40, I really have to work out. I also love bread. Seriously love bread. And rum… And pizza…And cheeseburgers… You get the idea. Sigh…. So my mother says, “If you would just blog about a weight loss plan it would keep you accountable and people would be interested.” Yeah right, Mom. 

There are two problems I see with this. 

  1. I can’t believe how much weight I’ve gained since leaving Hawaii. I thought I was huge there. Holy freaking cow I WILL NOT type out the number that is on the scale. I will tell you that losing 50 pounds is a reasonable goal and I still wouldn’t necessarily be where I want to be. Again…how did I let it go this far?
  2. Blogging about weight loss usually means before pictures. No one I REPEAT NO ONE needs to see me in a Biggest Loser like sports bra right now. I hate that there is a mirror as soon as I get out of the shower and I’m sorry at the end of this I won’t have a baby to show for all this weight. 

What’s a girl to do? Well, I’ll be happy to blog that. I’m firmly convinced that it has to be a combination of diet and exercise.

Frankly diet is the HARDEST part for me. Did I mention I love pizza? Sugar isn’t a problem for me but carbs and cheese… they are my clear frenemy. I love them and I loathe them. I’m not quite sure what I’m willing to do yet other than cut calories. I know I lose more when I give up carbs but frankly with four kids, two dogs and a husband, I’m not convinced I need to be that grumpy daily. When I start eating those carbs again I blow up faster than a bounce house at a fourth birthday party. I’m happy to take suggestions.

So for exercise… I’m promising myself 40 minutes every day. That’s right. Every day. I texted an old trainer or two. I have a friend that showed me a couple of videos. I have two programs to work with. They both include days of cardio, days of weight training and some stretching days. I’ve been doing this long enough to know how to maneuver through them. 

So, I’m looking to you blog reader to help me stay accountable. Plus I have my kids and Ray. They are all over me to get this done. Bria in particular has provided me with a couple of good stories.

Yesterday the kids were off from school. Arleigh and Hanan wanted to watch a movie that Ray had picked up that wasn’t little kid appropriate. Bria followed me into the basement to do a workout with me. She watched this super fit girl telling me how to work out. There were lots of people behind her. She would stop between every exercise to chat with them or point things out. Bria said, “Mom, how is that girl so skinny when she doesn’t even do the whole workout?” It made me laugh. I totally understand her frustration but I pointed out with abs like that she’s doing a whole lot more than I am. 

When we finished our little session, Bria said, “Mom, did you do exercised with Grandma?” I said nope. She said, “I think I better start now to stay on top of it.” Yeah… there’s that. Don’t struggle like Mom. Be active now and forever. 

In other news I’m hoping sticking with a workout will help me find my aloha in Virginia. All this snow and ice… all these days off school. It seems to be missing. I should probably check the giant pile of laundry.