This weekend my big girls went to PCTC. It’s a Christian retreat/conference for teens. They had so much fun. It seemed like we heard a lot of “So Adam… And then Adam…. Adam says… Adam liked….” We are so super blessed that they love Adam and Adam loves them. He happens to do double duty as the worship minister and teen minister at our church. I think they know him as the cool dude with a beard and a guitar. Either way he seems to get through to them in ways that they don’t listen to us and for that we are forever thankful. Adam, Kellee, Ryan and  Elyssa all go above and beyond with my kids and we love each of them for that. 

So in other news…having your children go to a Christian conference, stay awake way longer than they are used to and sleep all the way home on a church bus then trying to get them ready for school and a 06:40 bus stop is way too much like praying for patience. Just kidding. Not really. It’s just Monday and my aloha has to be around here somewhere. It’s probably under all this laundry. I may need a second to get my thoughts straight. Anyway…

IMG_6826One of the girls’ favorite sessions was titled “Jesus and The Gay Pot-Smoking Immigrant.” It was basically a session on how Jesus would deal with some of the social issues we face today. It’s provided for lots of conversation in our house, some a little heated some not. (Praying for patience and all that.) I expect that our little ohana will be working through these issues for days, weeks and months to come. It’s been particularly interesting considering all of our talk about the upcoming elections. 

It’s Monday. Mount Washmore is once again close to some sort of eruption after the bigs being gone all weekend so I want to leave you with a thought. After the session, if you sent a text you were supposed to have a question to think about texted back to you. We’ve been wrestling with it since they got home. Are you ready? 

If Jesus was invited to a gay wedding, would he go?

It’s been a great jumping point for us to have lots of different conversations so I’d like to open it up to you. Please play nicely and be respectful and please leave a comment with your thoughts.