Don’t you hate it when you write an entire blog post on your phone while the kids are showering thinking you are a super great multi-tasker and then lose the whole darn thing? I hate it when that happens.

Don’t you hate it when your kids obviously have sibling rivalry issues, fight over everything from clothes, whose turn it is, who rides in the back of the truck, who has more… you get the idea. To the point that you start constantly referencing Matthew 20:16 and one of the children uses it as a personal challenge to compete with complete vigor to now be last so she can be first? Yeah… clearly I didn’t think that through.


Matthew 20:16New American Standard Bible (NASB)

16 So the last shall be first, and the first last.”

Don’t you hate when you start preaching what you consider to be totally Spirit-led sermons on love and kindness and treating other people ESPECIALLY YOUR SIBLINGS the way you’d want to treated only to attend church and hear a wonderful sermon and think you are the one who should have listening to your own sermons? Apparently I have lots to work on. Sometimes it’s easier for me to love the people others consider to be unlovable than the people right in front of me. Is that weird?

Don’t you hate it when the weather finally warms up and you get your favorite slippers out…(Flip flops) and happily wear them even though you haven’t had a pedicure only to get home to a giant blister? What the heck man? A few months on the mainland and my Samoan like feet are now prissy little caucasian feet? What really stinks is that I apparently now have prissy translucent white feet that look like hobbit feet. Don’t you hate it when you’re feet look like a hobbits? Gross! 

Don’t you hate when after recently bragging on your son’s behavior and noting how much better things have been you get a call from the teacher saying you HAVE TO arrive at the school immediately because he is having a full scale global thermal nuclear meltdown? Don’t you hate it even more when you arrive to a smiling kid who has no way to tell you what was wrong runs up to hug you and says, “Hi Mom! You’re at school?” Good times. 

Don’t you hate it when between your child that had nightmares every night and your dog that suddenly needs to pee on every tree in the middle of the night keep you from getting more than an a couple of hours of sleep at a time?

Don’t you hate it when your wife constantly texts you but it’s only memes like this?

Don’t you hate it when you know you previously wrote five more don’t you hate its and you are so tired and so busy thinking about your schedule and what needs to be done that you can’t possibly remember what you were going to say?

Don’t you hate it when someone ends a blog post like this?