Let me let you in on a little secret. Every now and then, my kids act like little monsters. I don’t want anyone to think we are perfect. The reality is far from it. 

We have our moments. They can be incredibly selfish. 

Sometimes they have smart mouths.

  Occasionally they let a lie slip out.

Every now and then, just when I’m lulled with the compliments of strangers they take a moment to really put me in my place by totally embarrassing me with their behavior. 

Did I mention that our current situation includes me traveling with four children by myself? One managed to test positive for both the flu and an upper respiratory infection during this trip. There have been many sleepovers and adventures. Apparently when kids get tired they obtain some sort of license to be little a*^%#+ well let’s just say cantankerous. 

They are self conscious and shy to the point of coming across as rude. They are prideful to the point that you want to role your eyes. They are mean to their siblings. They are whiney. They are manipulative. They are hyperchondriacs. They are sensory overloaded. They are picky eaters. They will order everything available on a menu and then ask for ice cream. They are horrible guests. They can yell, scream and oh yes tantrum like no one else. They also know how to weep quietly in a closet. Sigh… 

I am also probably all of these things. When I see it in my kids, well… Holy crap! I want to cuss. I want to cry. I want to shake them! 

The truth is I have good kids. They lull me into a good parent coma. I’m running on autopilot. Things are awesome…. Until they aren’t. When they aren’t, because most of the time they are great, their bad looks like a full scale global thermal nuclear meltdown in my eyes. And then I have one. You know, like right now, writing this. Who are these little devil minions and where did they put my children? 

Right now, I’m going to choose to be like Scarlett O’Hara. “Tomorrow in another day.” If someone finds a manual for these darn kids, could you please send it my way?