This morning, we are back to reality…back to life. Wait… Let me start again. Kids are back in school. Hallelujah, amen! Ray is back to his normal work schedule, whatever that is. I’m lucky enough to have Grandma here to help me get back into the groove, or shop but don’t tell Ray. We’ve been in 5 states. We had a birthday party at Nana and Papa’s. We visited one dentist. We got stitches out. We went to the emergency room. We visited Discovery America. We spent time at the lake. We got visit the White House. Boy howdy! I’m exhausted. 

In all that excitement… one memory will always stand out above the rest. We lost Grandma! I’m not even kidding. That was without a doubt one of the longest 45 minutes of my life.

I don’t make a habit of taking the metro. When I do, I usually have Ray, AKA Mr. Logistics controlling the situation. Yesterday, it was just me…Bria, Jack and Grandma. It was Grandma’s first time on the metro. I joked that I had three kids. We told Bria she was in charge of Grandma. I had it. In spite of one card not working on one occasion (Of course it was Mom’s) we totally rocked it and got where we needed to be without incident. (Thank you White House Planning Committee and National Parks for all the signs.) 

We enjoyed our day, had a potty break and got back to the metro just in time for rush hour. No big deal. I told Mom it would be crowded, prepare to stand up. The train is coming. We get up and walk to wait at the edge of the platform. A group of tourists with all kinds of luggage came off the escalator and jumped in front of us. I grabbed Bria and Jack, pushed our way on, heard the “doors closing” announcement and turn and look to see Grandma still on the platform. The darn tourists hadn’t moved to the center. Grandma didn’t push her way on. Oh my hell! The doors closed between us and there she stood. I yell through the glass, “Take the BLUE train!” Then I prayed.

It gets better. Remember, I had three kids. Earlier I left my phone on the charger so Grandma’s phone and her metro card were in my purse. I couldn’t call her with directions. The train pulled away. The next stop was packed. I had to make a quick decision, get off and risk Mom not getting off or this happening again or trust she’ll ride all the way to our stop. We stayed on in spite of Bria begging to get off and go around to get her. 

We settled into our spot, me holding two kids on a pole trying to keep them off the door. Jack was yelling, “WE LOST GRANDMA!” Basically the next 30 minutes were one big ball of awesome sauce. I had to text Arleigh and Hanan to say I would be late picking them up because I LOST GRANDMA. I sent Ray a note. I think he was laughing a little too hard to truly appreciate the stress of my situation. The train started to clear and we got a seat. We got off at our stop and Bria and Jack filled out Mad Libs for 12 minutes until the next train started rolling down the track. We held our breath. 

There she was! Big smile on her face! Laughing and pleased as punch to have navigated the metro system on her own. She also made lots of friends. Bless the people of Washington D.C. She told a couple of people what happened and they made sure she got on the blue line. They were just as nice as they could be. 

We treated ourselves to a glass of Mango sangria when we were done. We totally deserved it! We also agreed to avoid the metro during rush hour from now on.

Overall, it was an awesome day!