Thanks to my friends Kristin, my streak stands. I was 4:4 this morning with my April Fool’s pranks on the kids. My poor children…

S’Mores cereal anyone? Special cereal with graham crackers and chocolate chips it is! It’s the chocolate that forces them to try it. You’d think they’d be wary of this sort of breakfast on April Fool’s day but they just can’t resist. The trick? It was frozen as solid as a brick. 

I’m glad Grandma was here to enjoy their reaction. I’m respecting the big kids and not posting pictures of them in their pajamas. They were slightly more suspicious. They still fell for it. I’m just that good!

It’s not too late to trick your kiddos. Other mean tricks have included switching out Cheetos for carrots in their lunch, offering bottles of sprite that were actually water and my favorite the cupcake trick. The meanest was secretly videoing me picking them up from school telling them R5 was at Aulani in Hawaii and if we hurried we might be able to see them. They were a little angry for days months years. Who am I kidding? They’re still angry but it’s a story my grandchildren will live. I clearly have no problem living on in infamy so long as I live on. 

Happy April Fool’s Day!