Just thought I’d list a few things I learned at school today.

  • Fifth grade boys need deodorant. Moms, for the love…put it in their backpacks so they can reapply after things like recess and PE.
  • Pooping is apparently hard when there is a lot of it. Really hard if you believe my new friends. It gets harder if you don’t want to participate in what the class is doing.
  • The kids that are super allergic to bees are oddly not as afraid of bees as some of the kids that aren’t allergic to anything. 
  • After Memorial Day everyone basically gives up… EVERYONE.
  • When I’m at school there oddly isn’t a vacuum fairy at my house. If you see her, please let her know she missed us. I also missed the bathroom cleaning fairy, the kitchen fairy and well, you get the idea.
  • I have the most fun with these kids. It really is a great gig with something new every day. I almost wish I’d started earlier…almost.