So in August I thought this move might send me into the throes of a nervous breakdown. A large part of my angst was Arleigh and her step into the world of marching band. Easy…it was not.

We ended August with 13 hour practices. More than once I drove her in tears to camp. After dropping her off, I drove home sobbing that I had to leave her in such an uncomfortable place. By the end of band camp she was resigned to see it through. I had my “I’m with the band” shirt and forced myself to wear orange. [shutter]

So Arleigh was super uncomfortable in her new surroundings. Add to that we had instrument problems when we arrived. And now…

This kid was just given an award for most outstanding musician in concert band. How exactly did we get here?

I had no idea how much time and work went into marching band. I can’t play an instrument much less march with one to particular choreography on a field and hit a mark. From her first performance we could tell she was a natural. Obviously others see it too.

We’re proud of you Arleigh! Hang in there. August is coming.