Four more days, four more days, four more days… repeat it with me… four more days. This school year seems to have a Never-ending Story sort of feel to it. We only have four more days. It true end of year fashion, we are packing it in. This weekend started with Hanan’s end of year dance. I’m trying not to think about it because this is the last event before…gulp…I have two in high school. This doesn’t seem possible since I graduated from high school a couple of years ago.


Bria was participating in the Father’s Day All Star Tournament for her Rec League. Since so many are now moving on to different teams, of course there was a party.

IMG_3850Only one of the girls played with Bria the entire time, but in the last year that we’ve been here they’ve been playing for an academy team and indoor soccer in the winter. Because of her birthday, she and two other girls will be the only three that continue to play together. They are from different schools so it was a bitter sweet weekend for sure to see them play one last time. They did a great job.IMG_3893 

I also felt incredibly old when I found out that one of her coaches has a brother in Hanan’s class at school. Evan and Renzo have been great and these girls have come a long way in the last year. It’s been so much fun to watch.





We also had a great group of dads who spent their entire Father’s Day on a hot soccer field. 









I absolutely didn’t want to forget any of that but our biggest event was finally being able to meet our sweet friend, Dana in person.

IMG_3864I tried taking several pictures of Dana with Jack but this is by far my favorite. About five years ago I met Dana over a phone line. She quickly became my lifeline as we walked through a paper pregnancy to get to Jack. Even though we weren’t able to meet her in person, she was with us through the entire experience. She laughed with us. She cried with us. She still checks in on us. 

One of my greatest memories was when she called to say she had a file she wanted to send. She wanted us to look at it. I was so excited I was bursting at the seams. She cautioned me but I know she was just as excited because like everything else, we had taken our sweet time and jumped extra obstacles to get to that point. 

Dana was there when we got a report from the pediatrician that said, “I really just don’t know if he can walk or talk. I have no idea what you’ll be getting.” She cried when after our kids said, “Who cares if he can walk or talk? He needs us!” we called and said “Lock that file!” She followed us to China and back without ever meeting us in person but we still count her a dear friend.

Dana has been there sending us information when Jack was diagnosed with institutional autism. She checked in with us after Tye’s death and Ned’s. That wasn’t because she’s our social worker. It’s because she’s become part of our ohana. 

We love Dana and her family and thanks to emails, phone calls and social media we’ve been friends. They walked into our home and it was just like we knew them forever. Their sweet accents made Hanan homesick for Kentucky. We shared a meal and talked about life. I’m so very grateful that I got to hug her in person. If you know me, you know that’s a big deal because I don’t always freely offer a hug. 

God is the reason we have Jack but He used Dana as his hands and feet and continues to do so. We are so blessed to know you sweet friend. Next time, stay longer!