Let’s start with yesterday. Yesterday two of my spawn children were at each other’s throats at the pool. One was hogging the toys. The other wouldn’t leave her alone about hogging the toys until there was a “Fine! You take it!” Throwing of the goggles moment thwacking one dear sister just a over her eye. Good times, y’all! Good times. 

Wait! It gets even better after I say, “Get out of the pool. We’re going home.” One of my dear sweet children starts arguing with me that she didn’t do anything wrong and her life isn’t fair and she’s always punished for nothing and I never ever in a million years punish her sister. Um. I didn’t make just one kid go home. The one that was doing nothing minding his own business going down the slide 1,453 times missed time number 1,454 because of his sisters. If anyone had a “life’s not fair” moment, it was him.  A phone was taken along with my a big gasp of air so I didn’t want to dunk her in the pool. 

What is wrong with my kids? Summer literally HAS NOT started for us. Is that the problem? For crying out loud! They were at the pool for less than two hours with 45 minutes of swim team. 

Let’s move on to this morning. Jack had a complete and total meltdown at speech. It was no fun. He wasn’t happy with his therapist. She was clearly upset. He cried all the way to the bus stop. I have hard choices to make about his speech therapy.

Let’s just make a small, incomplete list of all the other little things I have to worry about parenting ages 8-15.

  • Texting
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Schedules
  • Boyfriend
  • What is she doing with the boyfriend?
  • How serious is the boyfriend?
  • Summer school
  • Summer soccer
  • Band camp
  • Trips to China
  • Friends
  • No longer friends
  • Peer Pressure
  • Self confidence
  • Track
  • Are they reading enough
  • I know there is too much screen time. How do I make it stop?
  • Have I lost control?
  • Does that one have me wrapped on her finger today?
  • Is it her sister that I’m spoiling?
  • Am I doing enough to help Jack?
  • Am I too soft?
  • Too hard?

You get the idea. I’m a balled up broken mess trying to figure this stuff out. And then I get this picture texted to me.

From the child that lost her phone last night. Maybe in the end they’ll be decent human beings. I sure hope so! And may I make a suggesting… perhaps schools should reward parents with at the very least a nice bottle of wine when they demonstrate exception restraint and appropriate discipline. I’m just saying…