Bria’s tournament this weekend was fun for all of us. It’s amazing to see how much Bria has improved over the last year. Soccer, like everything else has been a huge adjustment. The theories of how to teach development are very different here compared to what we were doing in Hawaii. Basically here the focus is on individual development. Bria grew up behind her sisters hearing that the field is another player, look at the field. Bria is caught desperately trying to play a position when her coaches don’t encourage it and her teammates are playing an individual game. 

I promise I’m getting to the point. These girls are old enough now to know to throw in down a line instead of to the middle. The way they played in one of the games they made their play so much harder by constantly handing the ball to the other team. I’m probably not making much sense to, well Grandma. All this to say, our ride home after the first game included Ray trying to coach Bria through some of those you should know this basics. Bria was saying “But coach says find the open player.” It took a half hour to get from the field to our house. They went through this for the entire ride after the first game.

It came time for the second game… Bria was trying to follow her Dad’s instructions but so many times that ball went down the middle right at the other team’s goal. At least Bria listened part of the time. The rest of the team… it was painful and shocking that they still won 5:0. Everyone was at the second game, including Josh. We got back in the car and her sisters started in giving her their version of “down the line…” Bria looked up and said, “Really? Dad already gave me therapy on this.” 

I guess it’s good to know that I be forced to pay for that therapylater… just so many other things.