I may have mentioned that our schedule requires a master’s degree (which I don’t have) in business management or organization or I have no clue I just know my phone must truly be smarter than me to remember the babysitting jobs, camps, practices, swim meets, speech therapies and all that has to happen to keep this crazy crew where they need to be. Apparently it isn’t smart enough to stop me from the run-on sentence though…. ANYWAY, a few months ago Mom called with the bright idea to bring my nephew to D.C. It literally took weeks of back and forth phone calls to plan a week for him to come that would match his schedule with ours BUT WE DID IT!

Mom and Kendall arrived thick in the middle of Vacation Bible School. I seriously rolled in on the last day with this crew. 


Mama needs her own church van! Notice the keiki visiting from Hawaii… I forgot to mention we had the pleasure of visiting with some of our island friends while they were passing through Virginia. (Another blog post…)

Kendall was an awesome VBS helper. He also finished out that week trying not to burst into flames at the pool with his light skin and red hair.

IMG_4127 IMG_4129









We managed to do so much while he was here. 

  • Mount Vernon
  • Washington Monument
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Ford’s Theater
  • Tour of the Capitol
  • Supreme Court Justice Building
  • Swim meet
  • 5 Seconds of Summer Concert
  • Vietnam Memorial
  • WWII Memorial
  • A trip to Wegman’s (It was on his list.)
  • National Archives

And that was just some of it. I seriously have enough material for blog posts for a month. 

Can I just say, we aren’t around Kendall very often. You never really know what’s going to happen when you have an odd number of kids around. Kendall could move in with us and I wouldn’t bat an eye. He went to the pool with us. He had dinner and at our friends’ home and hung out with all the other teenagers. On at least two days that he was here my Garmin logged over 13 miles. He was always all smiles and encouraging everyone else to walk a little further to see something else. In short, he was a joy and I never thought I would say that about a fifteen year old boy! 

Once again, it’s time for summer school so individual posts about what we did will have to wait. I just want to say we love you Kendall and we can’t wait for your next visit!