So this kid…

decided swim team sounded like a lot of fun. She’s been swimming forever but she never had a formal lesson. When you’re the third kid it’s more of a jump in and see if you can keep up sort of thing. I’m not sure what sounded fun about waking up at 6:30 all through your summer to jump into a cold pool by 7:15 but I thought it sounded like a great way for her to learn her strokes. So we signed up.

There has been a learning curve for both of us. She’s also had a lot of fun.

Who can argue with ice cream for breakfast? 

She has managed to drop her time significantly in every stroke she swims. On Monday night she chose to swim butterfly for the first time. She qualified for this morning’s A meet on Monday night.

While she’s been swimming forever, this is first year of competitive swim and her first time listening to any sort of instruction. She was armed only with her mother’s love of the water and she killed it!

She’s so excited to get awards for her first time swims.

And the pep rally’s are pretty awesome too.

Her cheering section is not too shabby either. 

She has had a great season and I couldn’t be prouder. Did I mention she dropped 9 seconds off her freestyle time and 12 off her back stroke? Yeah. There’s that. Just keep swimming Bria. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish next year!