When it comes to this blog, I have all the good intentions in the world. Intentions don’t really overcome our crazy schedule. You know… things like Mount Washmore.

Do you get tired of hearing about Mount Washmore? I get tired of folding it. I do find it fascinating though. Take a closer look at that picture. I’m not sure how it happened. I try to do everyone’s laundry at once. The back two piles are Arleigh’s and Hanan’s. There is a combined pile for Ray and me. Jack had a pile. Bria has a pile. Notice the size comparison? At the very least I’m thinking a couple of teenagers waited until they were completely out of underwear before sorting their clothes for the wash. The next pile to fold will be theirs!

Ray is doubling down at work this week after taking a week off to spend with his parents. That means I’m doubling down with chauffeuring/cooking/cleaning you know the drill. Today we had cross country then speech then picking up from cross country. Everyone had showers and lunch and then we were off to Spartan Spree for the bigs to get their schedules. We stopped to drop Arleigh at band and came home to get ready for soccer. It was soccer where I managed to get in a pitifully slow run. I came back to find Bria downing cupcakes from her teammates’ birthday (twins) and get tickets for a soccer game we’re going to Thursday night. Then it was off for band carpool. Bria’s practice ends at 6:30 and Arleigh’s band was supposed to end at 6:30. They, of course, we’re on opposite sides of town. 

I rushed Bria to the car. With her giant water bottle, soccer bag and cupcake, she was having a hard time opening the door. I was in a hurry so I jumped back out, opened the door and off we went. About halfway to Arleigh and band carpool I was at a stoplight and realized the tickets for Thursday night’s game are nowhere in sight.

I confess I started to freak out a little. The tickets aren’t expensive but I had 6 sitting with Bria’s team because at halftime she’ll be participating in a scrimmage on the field. So I should say that I was FREAKING OUT LOSING MY DANG MIND. 

I get to band, jump out of the car and start checking in every hole and space I can find. No tickets. I check Bria’s bag. No tickets. I check my purse for the fifth time. No tickets. Arleigh and her friends start looking. No tickets.

Y’all, this is not good. My head is hurting. I have multiple people to drop in multiple places and all I can think is those tickets are probably in that parking lot. 

I was down to Arleigh and her friend, Julien. He lives in our ‘hood. I happened to know his parents weren’t home. I offered to buy him a sandwich if we could swing by the soccer field before I took him home.

I prayed for soccer tickets in my hour of need. Desperation flushed my cheeks. I did not want to call the team mom and say I’d lost my dang tickets.

Bria was reminding me where we parked. I already knew. I had the truck at a crawl through the parking lot. I was looking as much as I could and drive when I heard Bria scream from the backseat, “I see them!” 

We have tickets. Julien has his sub. The kids have been fed and showered. The house is quiet until our morning starts at o’ dark thirty with a cross country scrimmage and moves on to the band carpool. 

All is right with the world. I’ll reinstitute my good blog intentions tomorrow.