I interrupt this whine fest with some great news! My day didn’t start off great. Hanan’s was worse. I was having my second child is a freshman pity party as I sent her off to the bus 15 minutes early for freshmen orientation. (How in bloody hell am I old enough to have 2 kids in high school?…Don’t answer that! Clearly, I’m still 28!) Did I mention it was raining. It hasn’t rained in forever. Anyway, after the bus was supposed to arrive, one of the kids in our ‘hood gets a text that the bus was actually 20 minutes early. What?!? Luckily the high school is close to Mr. Jack’s speech appointment. We made it to both with time to spare. Hanan was only slightly soggy. 

I’ve been reading and rereading about all sorts of therapies and new discoveries with autism, specifically institutional or quasi-autism. I’ve been emailing Jack’s new case manager and compiling documents for his next evaluation. I’ve been praying, but not nearly as much as I should be that this is going to be a great year for him. 

So, my awesome started today with Jack getting high praise from his therapist. When we go to his appointments he looks for a post it note on the wall. The post it note has directions. The directions get a little more difficult or steps are added with each visit. This morning he read the note. He took the note and walked back into the offices just like he always does. I had no idea he didn’t understand his directions. He didn’t come find me. He stopped another therapist, one he doesn’t know and asked for a clarification. It seems like a little thing. This is HUGE!!! He didn’t look for me. He didn’t melt down. He realized he needed help and he communicated it. After he got his clarification, he finished all his tasks. 

After picking up Hanan, it was time to get to the school to meet the new teachers. Jack has a new case manager/special education teacher. He will be going to classes upstairs and downstairs. That’s enough to make me swoon. I substitute at that school and I still get lost. Anyway his new teachers is…well, the bomb dot com. I just love her. She’s young and spunky. She has empathy but she’s not taking anything off these kids either. I just love her. Then we went upstairs. His gen ed teacher is no nonsense perfection for Jack’s math, social studies and science. I’m ever so grateful it’s working out. Looks like I got a second helping of awesome sauce.

Finally we went to Bria’s classroom. Her teacher is so cute and perky it sort of makes me want to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head. Then she asked Bria what she was going to do tonight. When Bria told her she was playing soccer… the teacher told her she plays soccer. Bria was immediately won over and will now do everything in her power to impress her new teacher. 

It’s going to be a great year. Now, can we just get it started already? Why are my kids still home?