I’m feeling the need to lighten things up for the long weekend. What better way to do that than a bunch of squealing little girls? 

Last night we hit George Mason University’s women’s soccer match against Howard University. Bria’s U-10 academy team, SYC Pride got to rush the field at halftime and scrimmage each other. 

Hearing “21 Bria Stiff!” was pretty great. We asked her if she heard it. There may or may not have been an eye roll with a “No! I was playing!” ????

She had a great night.

There was a little team building.

The sky was gorgeous and so are my kids!

Yeah, I’m not proud at all. Where’s that sarcasm font?

They are clearly ready to go.

We ended the night with a big win for Mason and some really pretty goals.

Even Jack had fun representing Alvah Scott in the stands.

So you know, Hanan was there too. She left a little early with Ray because she had to run this morning and she’s going through another “don’t post my picture phase.” Now here’s me with the eye roll. ????

We had fun and can’t wait for the real season to start next week!