When I write about the funny things my kids say, it’s usually the little ones. Yesterday it was Arleigh that kept me in stitches. 

We were driving to a hike on the other side of D.C. by homes that cost millions of dollars. As we passed a boarding school in McClean. I hear Arleigh yell from the backseat, “Look Hanan! It’s real life Gossip Girl!” That alone made the trip.

We got out of the car and told everyone to get a drink because we would be doing a short walk first and heading back for our snacks. Arleigh was looking for her water when she accidentally walked into Tucker’s rather large stream of pee. “Why is it so warm?” Yep, that’s my girl. At least we were all laughing about it.

We had a fabulous walk around Great Falls.

We were waiting for a family to pet the dogs and I was showing Jack a grasshopper. I touched it to show him what it would do. Arleigh is terrified of all bugs. I don’t understand it. It’s how God made her. “What! They’re grass hoppers not grass flyers!” Apparently my terrified fifteen-year old didn’t know that grasshoppers can indeed fly. 

As she said all these things yesterday I was reminded that she will be heading off to college in 3 short years. This is the child that just figured out that “Avengers really are avengers.” I think I have some work to do.