We did it. I got everyone to the bus this morning. Of course, the littles leave so late I feel like I should be preparing lunch by the time they get out the door. We slid straight through summer. School supplies were sort of purchased. I got the repurchase box and hoped for the best at the end of the year last year. New spirit shirts are ordered. New PE uniforms are in plastic bags. I’d shutter to guess that hundreds of dollars were spent by the time that we got to today. Sigh…

They are off… first the high schoolers.

First day of 10th grade and 9th grade. How on earth do I have two kids in high school?

Then the littles…

(Side note, if you want some cute monograms, check out my friend’s etsy site… She had me at her name Sweet Keiki Boutiki.)

I didn’t really sleep last night. I started thinking about all the workbook sheets we didn’t finish. There were multiplication tables I didn’t go over. I didn’t jump up and down and scream over summer reading. We didn’t fill out any of those forms for super prizes and ice cream parties when they got back to school. We didn’t do a ton of computer programs like iXL or dream box. We didn’t organize anything. You know what, I really don’t think I totally set them up for failure. 

Here’s what we did.

We swam. ALOT. Sometimes for sport…

Sometimes to learn…





























And sometimes just because we could…

We did soccer… D.C. United games, academy training and practices and scrimmages.

We saw Hawaii when everyone else was having summer and D.C. couldn’t figure it out.

We went to museums.




















We went to monuments.

We went to concerts.

We helped with Vacation Bible School.


We hung out. And the best part of our summer was sharing it with friends and family from all over the world…literally! 


So as I wait for the bus to return with my littles and to pick up the bigs from their after school activities, I’m not sorry that we didn’t do more worksheets, read more or do more work. They are going to be okay because they have support from everywhere. It’s going to be a great year!