So after yesterday’s excitement, or more like thick in the middle of it, Bria got an extra special treat. Megan Oyster from Washington Spirit came to practice to work out with the girls. I totally missed her playing with Bria because I had to pick Hanan up at the high school. I did make it back to hear her telling the girls about her soccer career.

Bria was paying close attention but when Megan said she knows Alex Morgan… well, let’s just say Megan gained a new best friend. She also said that since she now knows this team, they should come to the game so she can get the whole team to give them autographs. Clearly, she doesn’t know Bria very well. Last night’s game was supposed to start at 7 and still had a rain delay. Guess who spent the night pouting that I wouldn’t drive her to Maryland. 

Bria has a ball dedicated to Washington Spirit signatures. She was please as punch to show Megan her teammate’s signatures, especially Tori Huster. 

Before it was over, she even had Megan sign her backpack.

I must admit, I wasn’t sure about trying out for a travel team. I wasn’t sure about the cost or worse, the time commitment. Bria’s birthday meant playing with older girls. She’s one of the only third graders on her team. I knew we’d have a tough season. It hasn’t stopped her. She works hard all the time. Look at this face.

This is a moment she will never ever forget. It’s worth every second in the car. It’s worth every practice and bruise. She’s happy doing something she adores and I could eat her up. Thank Megan!

Go Spirit!!! We sure love you!