I so looked forward to the start of school and the schedule it would provide. Then we made it through our first week. We hit Monday. This was my Monday.

Arleigh stayed home from school. She sort of looked like Gollum from Lord of the Rings when she woke up…or that picture of Bria. Way to start the school year off right! Go Team!

So, I start to tackle Mount Washmore while taking care of her. I started getting texts from teachers about substitute days. I’m trying to remember that means a check is coming instead of more tied up days. We’re working on a compromise for Bria’s birthday. Before I know it, kids are getting home from school. Here’s how that conversation goes.

“Hey guys did you have a good day?”

Bria is mad at the world. “No! It was the worst day ever!”

“Oh no, Boo. I’m sorry. What happened?”

“I got placed in advanced math!” 

“Well, that sounds like a great thing to me. I’m proud of you!” Seriously. This is my child! I’m trying not to smirk.

“It’s not just that. If you aren’t in advanced math it means no homework. I have two sheets. We didn’t know to take some stuff and then I didn’t have something that I didn’t know I needed and I put it in the recycle bin.” (That’s my kid for sure.) “Since I was in the other class, I didn’t have the chance to move my clip up so I was just on good job, not outstanding.” (That would be Ray’s kid.) “Then I was playing soccer at recess and when I was juggling the ball got away from me and this kid kicked it in the woods and they wouldn’t let me get it. I don’t have my ball!” 

And there you have it… it wasn’t advanced math. She was aggravated at her teacher for multiple reasons but especially because her beloved ball had to be left in the woods. It took me the five minute walk home to get it out of her. Let me lay it out for you. 

  • Teacher tells her she’s in advanced math = extra homework.
  • Teacher forgets to tell her what to take to advanced math class, she doesn’t have something she needs = end of the world.
  • Bria doesn’t label something and instead puts the label in the recycle bin. I haven’t put it together but this must also be the teacher’s fault.
  • Teacher tries to protect her from getting a raging case of poison ivy by telling her she can’t retrieve her ball = she is Gollum and her ring is missing. 

Since the world revolves around me let me tell you what it means for me… an extra trip to the school to retrieve the stinking ball that she should have had for soccer practice that was fortunately cancelled because she played so many games over the weekend. It means an extra 25 minutes out of my schedule and rerouting the mom taxi service when I have to pick Hanan up. Clearly my inconvenience means I’m also aggravated but I don’t really blame the teacher. I blame the bully that kicked her ball in the woods that Bria said didn’t receive any discipline from…wait for it… her teacher. So poor Ms. Owens has no idea but she’s inadvertently had an ill effect on the entire Stiff hale. It’s okay. We got over it quickly and put our perspecticles on. (Glasses that alter your perspective. Kids and moms need to to do that from time to time.)

I also received news that my brother’s beloved dog, Gabe isn’t doing well. He will probably have to be put down soon. That news cut straight to my heart. Then I had to tell my mother and my kids. That is not an easy day. It’s not an easy week for crying out loud.

I messed up the grill and had to cook our steak in the oven. Jack lost his hydroflask. I have another link to another fundraiser. I got the note for how much Arleigh’s spring band trip will cost. I found out they added a 7-9:30 pm band practice. I’m not sure but I don’t think Ray’s day at work went much better than ours at home. 

So, to quote Scarlett, “Tomorrow is another day and I’ll never eat a potato again…” or something like that. 

Also… do you need teacher gifts for Christmas, or well just candles for your house? Bria is selling Yankee Candles and we need to see about $70 more to reach her goal. Here’s the link.

Her ID is Bria41 and the group number is 990084570

This will help cut the costs of her travel soccer. 40% of sells go directly to her team…which means directly to Bria. Thanks for any help!