When Arleigh and Hanan were in preschool I started to despise that last week of school before Christmas. The programs, the parties, the gift buying… I couldn’t fit it all in. Then as they got older I found myself saying the last weeks of school would kill me. I can’t manage another spelling test in the late weeks of June. The kids are done. I’m done. We’re barely making it to anything but there are thousand of end of year parties and birthdays and programs and awards ceremonies. Then we entered the land of NoVA. Heaven help me, and we hit high school. The week before school means feeling like I could whip an MMA fighter for the last box of Crayola crayons that’s on the teacher’s list. There will be no Roseart for her class! We added band camp, orientations, math camps, high school boot camps. What even is that? I hate the week before school too.

This year, I was looking forward to the start of school. Not because I want time away from my children but WE NEED STRUCTURE. I need a schedule and a plan. Then it started. And y’all… September is the devil. So now, I have the last week of August, the second week of December, the third week of June and ALL OF SEPTEMBER in my bad books? I couldn’t have written this better. Read this article. Go ahead I insist. I’ll wait. 

Now, add one child with special needs which means multiply by two. You’ll have to double it since the high school is under construction making after school activities move within a five mile radius or better have pick up times close to 10 p.m. Make those times 11 after Friday night football with a kid in band. I think we’re actually in exponents now but I’m not great at math. 

Please know some of this is tongue in cheek. This is the last week of back to school, athletic meeting, all you need to know meetings…you get the idea. Bring on Friday! I got this.