It’s hard to believe but four years ago today, I was standing in China, signing papers, meeting my son. Oh to read that now. How naive I was. How I thought I was making it real but  he wasn’t really talking. We found out later that he was parroting everything. He only repeated us for over a year. He didn’t walk far, only a few steps before he would fall. 

And now… four years later… Well, yesterday Ray made some popcorn to eat while he was watching football. Jack came flying up the stairs saying, “I smell popcorn! I smelled it downstairs. Who has popcorn?” If only you could read the inflection…or hear Arleigh imitate him. 

Four years ago, rain made Jack scream. This morning we walked to the bus stop in the rain. His only reaction was to tell me to put the umbrella over him or the rain would ruin his hair. 

jack2dang jin chang_1We’ve gone from this..  This was the picture fom his finding ad. It’s almost unrecognizable now that this is Jack… 

to his last birthday by himself. I wonder if he actually ate any of that cake.

He finally, reluctantly met us







And here is Sept 19, 2011…







Let’s be honest. Our boy still gives us our fair share of this, especially if we tell him that was enough Xbox.








But mostly we get this…

img_5380.jpg IMG_4150 IMG_3864 IMG_3742 He is one of the happiest most joyful people I’ve ever been around. He mostly goes with the flow. He loves swimming and video games. He loves to be included by Bria and her buddies and happily follows her around. He loves his swing and trampoline. He is hanging out at the cross country races, swim meets, soccer games, football games and band competitions without complaining. He loves going to speech. His favorite subject at school is math. He makes sure his homework is done without me ever having to ask. I certainly can’t say that about his sisters. 

It’s hard to believe about three and half years ago, I wondered if Jack would ever speak, much less read. That boy can put together a full set of legos without batting and eye. He has to show me what to do. His buddy Charles just opened up a whole new world of video games for him. I won’t lie, I worry. I wonder what the next 9 years have in store as we navigate our public school systems. I have to say, we are finding hope. Life would certainly not be the same without him. 

We love you Jack and we’re so happy to have you in our little ohana. I can’t wait to see the big things God has store for you. I’m so blessed I get to watch.