Have I mentioned that I remember everything? Well, I don’t remember how to do Algebra or to get eggs and milk from the store but I remember life events like I’ve just watched a movie. It’s a blessing. I hold on to things like dinner at Gus’s. 

This happened to be in my Facebook feed today but I remember… It’s also hard to forget most dinners that involved my brother, especially with Bria. 

So when I post things like how four years ago we adopted Jack, I’m flooded with memories both good and bad. The process to Jack was hard. It was long. It was painful. It was longer than we ever imagined. (It was oh so worth it.) The point is, I remember every trip to 201 Poplar. (If you’re catching up on the blog, you encourage you to read that post about the bowels of hell.) I remember the support we got when we shared our big news with friends. I remember that lack of support too. I remember how excited people were or weren’t. I remember… 

So when I posted about Jack being home four years. I called a friend who is a foster parent. We’ve talked before about people who are also Christians who are supportive and people that are well…not. People that say things like you haven’t thought about what you’ll do to your kids. I promise I have. They wondered why on earth we would have three, much less four. They told us how hard it would be. It is. Let me also say all of my kids are hard for 1,000 different individual reasons. So my first thought because, in case you didn’t remember…I do was not a reaction I’m proud of. I wanted to say, “Where were you when I was in the bowels of hell? Where were you when we said we were considering adoption? Where were you…” Please know I’m not calling anyone out here but myself. Then I realized Jack has changed so many people’s minds. Well, not just their minds, he’s changed their hearts. 

Jack is proof that it can be happy through the hard. He is teaching his sisters and his parents probably more than we are teaching him. 


And my kids… They’re pretty okay. He’s also been able to do some pretty amazing things in the last four years. I think we’ve played catch up pretty well. How many kids have held a giant ball of snow on a hot beach?


20131015-222434.jpg IMG_0799Jack provides us with tons of giggles and some awesome awkward family pictures. He’s survived eye surgery and arm splints. He goes through life like a trooper. 

Instead of being aggravated at people who changed their tune in the last five years. My heart is happy because Jack and God did some big things with their hearts. 

We are thankful, super grateful for every single ounce of support we’ve gotten at any time on this journey. I’m certain I’ll be saying thank you again for your support, your love, your prayers. I wish I could reach you through screen and hug a long, long list of names. I hope you know who you are. Mahalo from the bottom of my heart. I’m sending love and aloha today and always.