My mother will be so proud. I’m homesick and not for Hawaii… Shocking, I know. 

So I’m sure you’ve seen this since it’s be shared roughly a bajillion times.

I promise you it doesn’t matter how many times I watch it, my eyes get watery…and I get homesick. I just feel the need to gather my family up on a porch with some rocking chairs and a swing and giant pitcher of sweet tea so I can wave at friends and invite them up for some peanut butter pie. Sigh.

Let it also be known that for the past two minutes I’ve been wearing the awesome parent crown. Don’t worry. The littles aren’t awake yet, I’m sure someone will manage to knock it off before school. I told the big girls to watch it. Before the end, Arleigh said, “Where’s Dolly Parton?” It’s official. I’ve done my job as a parent. I’ll just drop the mic.