Where to start? With the face that made my son look as the dentist said, like a walrus or the fact that all I saw was tampons hanging out of his mouth? Either way…good times. Last week, Bria and Jack went to the dentist to have teeth extracted. They were both rock stars.

This may give you a better idea of our experience. (Please note it was also crazy sock day.) Bria sort of looks slightly stunned. She said after the gas, everyone sort of looked like cartoon characters. 

Bria waited with me while Jack went back. He had two teeth extracted. I did not take a single picture of his looks like a walrus or he’s eating tampons look. As we read our books, I thought I heard Jack crying. We go to a very small office. They heard me, just smiled as I walked back and said, “He’s fine. He’s actually singing.” They laughed and giggled and Jack literally sang through the entire procedure. Side note… I’d like to have some of that gas on hand for lots of things! The dentist said he would likely stop bleeding within 15-20 minutes and he was okay for school and to eat lunch. 

We loaded up and headed to school. I switched Jack’s gauze before we went into school. I told them what had happened. I handed off extra gauze “just in case.” One of the specials teachers offered to walk them to class. I said good bye and headed home.

As I was pulling in my driveway, less than 5 minutes later, I get a phone call. It went something like this.

“Hello, Mrs. Stiff, this is the school nurse. I’m calling in regard to your son and his dental surgery.”

“Oh. Sure. It really wasn’t surgery. They just extracted a couple of baby teeth that were in the way.”

“Regardless, he’s bleeding quite a bit and we aren’t allowed to switch his bandages.” 

I was about to offer to come to school and switch them but before I could…

“Jack is extremely uncomfortable. I’ve spoken to his teacher and his supervisor. He needs to go home. Are you in a position to retrieve him?” 

“Well, since I haven’t gotten out of my car, I can be back there in less than five minutes. I’m on my way.” Please note, the level of irritation in my voice may or may not have escalated about 250%.

I got to the school. Jack was in his classroom. If he was uncomfortable, it was because he had stopped bleeding and saliva was collecting in the gauze. I told him to spit the gauze in a trashcan. Probably didn’t meet protocol but he looked like he might drown. He did. Then he said, “Sorry Mom. I thought the drips would ruin the computer!” He was still smiling and clearly, not uncomfortable. 

I asked him to let me see his teeth….no bleeding. I announced to anyone who could hear me, “Yep! I think you’re good now. Let’s go home so you can hang with mom!” Seriously, I’m all about alone time with any one of my kids but if he can be learning, that’s what’s best. 

We came home and he got on dream box. This is not what uncomfortable looks like. 

I thought about sending the darn school nurse this picture…

THAT is the picture of uncomfortable. This was about 15 minutes after getting his two front teeth knocked out at a soccer game. Sigh…

Didn’t matter, Jack had lunch with me and my friend, Christine. Then we made these awesome pumpkins for the storybook pumpkin fair.

I present “Fly Guy” and “Duck for President!”

I have to say, blessing in disguise. It was a great day with my guy!