Our elementary school had their quarterly get together yesterday. It’s sort of an end if the grading period pep rally filled with what Doc liked to call “attaboys” to encourage everyone to stay on track. It was also a cause of great stress last year.

At the end of each quarter kids that have displayed Hawk traits are given rewards. I may get this wrong but I think they are for helpfullnes, accountability, wise choices, kindness and safety for all. Bria didn’t get an award until the last quarter and that poor kid sweat it out! It was especially hard after Jack got his in the third quarter.

Good news! Today marks the end of the first quarter of school. I have two little hawks in my nest.

Bria got the award for making wise choices and Jack got the accountability award! ???????????? All that on top of a super parent teacher conference for Bria. Of course it helps when your teacher is a former soccer player! We’re so proud of them!

In the keeping it real category…about five minutes after they came home with their awards I was channeling my inner King Solomon threatening to cut a pair of hand-me-down Adidas leggings in half. Sigh…

I know my roller coaster will stop one day so I’m just going to buckle up and enjoy the ride!